Stop in Your Tracks

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As a copywriter, I get all kinds of fun assignments. It is often a challenge and there are topics I prefer. When it comes to sports, I practically volunteer to do it for no charge. I want the opportunity to write about what I love. Most sports appeal to me, but give me a basketball game any time. When I was a kid, I loved to play outdoors in the schoolyard. When I became a teen, it moved indoors into the gym. My heart is still in elementary school, however, when I first learned the game. When I recently got a job doing advertising for a company that makes outdoor basketball shoes similar to the ones here, I jumped at the chance.

There are so many kinds of shoes, many touted by famous players. Popular styles come and go as fads. I had to try my hand at making this new product appealing to amateurs. There are more of them than professionals. The shoes feature an interesting type of tread. I will present this as a way to up your game. Everyone who plays wants to be better and not just fashionable. What else can I say?

I got the idea of looking at various characters on TV crime shows and in books who get caught because of the unusual footprints their sneakers make. It is apparently easy to identify a particular brand, even of a basketball shoe. There are many famous cases in real life that were solved by matching distinctive tread. Thieves and killers are literally stopped in their tracks by investigators with sharp eyes. I will concoct a great story for my new product. I will get customers involved in the mystery and uniqueness of shoe tread. Normally we don’t pay much attention to it. I will make people listen.

I am deep in thought on the subject of basketball shoes, especially those used outdoors. They are a different type than for a gym. They have to be more durable as they take a beating from the asphalt. It is a lot different with a polished wood floor. People will buy the outdoor type for personal recreation so it is a larger market. This makes my work a little easier. I have hit on a couple of ideas: the iconic basketball shoe has a new soul (get the pun). How about: new enhanced tread will become the new classic. What would make me buy another pair of sports shoes? What would get you off the couch and online placing an order? When you write ad copy, it is all about the customer. You invade their world with your words and you hope they stick or at least make a good impression.

My ad campaign has been running and I am looking forward to hearing news. I hope my copy is effective and boosting sales. Only then will I be rehired for another round. When you introduce a new product, you must keep it out there in the marketplace until it becomes well known.

May 5, 2017