Burnin’ the Midnight Oil

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My fantasy is to finish my novel in my lifetime. Ha! It has been taking a long time. Writers out there know of what I speak. We all go through productive phases and writer’s block. It can be maddening. I often stay up late at night to finish a page or a chapter. Sometimes I get in a rut and retire for the night at a later and later hour. You can bet that it is hard to wake up in the morning. I can be exhausted even before I start my day. This is not a good pattern to be in. While I am trying to change my ways, and stop burning the midnight oil, I have purchased an alarm clock complete with a radio and morning lights to help me keep a schedule. This is important for anyone—to establish a routine. Some writers limit their creative work to the afternoon for example. If you work in an office and are not at home most of the time, you will have to juggle your time.

I love that the best wake up lights are a much nicer way of waking up than with a traditional alarm clock. You can choose the brightness and go for sunrise simulation if you like. You can choose among several colors that appeal to your mood. I used to get up late regularly and was dubbed “unreliable” by friends and colleagues. I am not proud of this epithet. My clock now takes care of me without fail. If you don’t have a roommate or spouse to gently remind you of the time, this is the practical solution I recommend. I sound like I am writing ad copy, don’t I. No matter. I am into my clock today and want to share my experience with others. A writer always has words at his immediate disposal.

You can browse online and see some great deals on these innovative alarms or you can hint loudly to friends and family that you might appreciate one for your birthday. I just treated myself. It was a necessity that couldn’t wait. I know it is tough for most of us to get up after a long night that stretches into the wee hours. I hate to quit, however, when I am on a roll. It is not that I am socializing on Facebook or out and about with friends. If I start writing, I don’t want to break the surge of creativity. Writers know that these streaks are few and far between. If I allow myself one or two late nights a week, I might actually finish this novel. I always believe in doing something every day so you don’t lose your train of thought. Don’t wait a month, for example, between writing sessions. Sometimes I put down a project and when I pick it up again, I have forgotten what it is all about. Take a tip from me, you budding writers, that a routine is best.

June 3, 2017