Still Stuck at the Day Job

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I am no slave to household chores, not me. I don’t have the time or inclination. I would rather be working on my novel any time. While I am now an employed copywriter with plenty of free-lance jobs, I long to enter the big-time realm of published authors. I do see my name on the Internet at the top of various articles while I also go incognito when writing for websites. I welcome any opportunity, but some clients are just so demanding. If I am not motivated by the topic, the work is tough. I have to wrack my brain, for example, to discuss the features and benefits of vacuums and compare brands like Bissel and Hoover. I don’t find it the least bit inspiring.

It’s hard to be creative with so much information on the Web, especially about top products. They are so well known and you end of stating the obvious. I don’t like copying existing material. I insist on originality. We know these machines are well-made and fine-tuned. They help make your life more productive. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, you can attack dirt and dust in seconds. And there are all those great attachments. Which one has more? The Bissel has some and the Hoover has others, but they cover the territory equally well.

After reading about vacuums for hours and hours on Facebook, I knew more than I cared to know. I was almost motivated to leave my work and start hunting on line for one of my own. However, I soon came to my senses and sought to get back to my novel. The funny thing is that when I delved in, I started putting odd imagery into the story. For some reason (that I well understand), I added a vacuum to the plot. The main character had a major breakdown and had to fix it himself. It was in thousands of pieces on the garage floor when his wife came home and saw the state of the appliance in horror. She looked doubtful about his ability which caused immediate aggravation, especially since she bet that he couldn’t remedy the malfunction.

As it turns out, my hero couldn’t put it back together since it just looked like one big impossible puzzle. He tried and tried, using the old method of trial and error, but no luck. After a wasted day and a whopping headache, his wife shoved him aside and sent him into the house. He promptly went into his man cave to sulk. After watching a favorite old flick, which didn’t help his mood, he wanted to see what was going on. Maybe he should have stayed inside. He saw that his wife had completed the job perfectly and that the vacuum was purring away, ready to work. It was a real blow to the ego for sure when he lost the bet. Next time he will remember to get out the manual.

July 9, 2017