A (Potential) Leap Forward in my Career

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I am gainfully employed as a copywriter but recently, I heard about an opportunity that could help advance my career much faster.  I do freelance writing for clients in between working on my real creative challenge: a novel. When I get writer’s block, I simply jot down ideas for the current job. With these day-to-day, sometimes rather mundane assignments, I don’t get to play with twists of plot, development of character, or authentic dialog. But each one is a challenge in its own way.

The work of which I write in this blog is writing an instruction manual for a new state-of-the-art trampoline. I will have to include all relevant information about assemblage, maintenance, and repair. There are also tips on trying out easy exercises to acquaint yourself with the device. At the end of the manual, I will include professional suggestions for advanced skill development. I want to add the history of the beloved trampoline and how it got to be in every gym in the world. A good writer will make readers interested and want to know more.

To do a superior job and know what I am talking about, I visited the gym dozens of times, working with a trainer that I found on Facebook on the trampoline. It is a formidable task to learn this sport, but once you get the hang of it, you can’t stop. It is so much fun to jump up and down to warm up, then execute a sitting position, rotating from front to back, and performing summersaults in the air. The higher you go, the more exciting it all becomes. I am never going to compete in any tournaments, but I am proud of what skill I have developed. Now I feel that with first-hand knowledge and the information that I read at https://www.trampolinechoice.com, I can write a better manual. At some point, I need to perfect my technique and make the stunts look as nice as diving. More height will get me more accolades from my trainer.

What makes it a potential advancement for me is the nature of the company that is employing my services. It is a major manufacturer of sports equipment, and if I succeed, they have promised me additional work writing manuals for major game supplies. This could provide work for many months to help support my novel, plus I will become a name in the industry. I could secure all kinds of other assignments once I put this one on my growing resume. It is like a tech/digital writer getting major work from IBM, Dell, or Panasonic. Writing manuals and instructional material is a specialty that not all writers have. I can place myself at the center of this field and perhaps serve as a consultant for other writers. While I encourage would-be novelists and creative writers all the time, I have yet to extend this practice to other writing areas. I expect to get a lot of self-satisfaction out of this enterprise. Getting the trampoline manual job was a real coup.

November 5, 2017